The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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Register to read the introduction… Trees absorb the carbon dioxide produced from fuel burning, this mass felling of trees leads to the concentration of the carbon content in the atmosphere. The excess of this carbon dioxide forms a layer in the atmosphere. This layer lets the entry of the heat and infra- red electro- magnetic rays from the sun, but, does not allow them to escape after being reflected by the earth’s surface. Thus, causing heating up of the earth at a global level, this phenomenon is known as-‘Global …show more content…
It is estimated that if the heating of the earth remains constant at the present rate big metropolitans such as: London, Mumbai, etc would be engulfed by the oceans’ rising waters by 2021. It also influences the change in the current weather/ climate cycle.
As studies show the annual climate cycle has been disturbed due to the imbalance in the vigorous heating up of the earth. In north India the winter seasons used to last upto last week of January, but, last year it lasted till 3rd week of February! This season change has greatly influenced the migration patterns of the birds and butterflies, which has led to late pollination and there the food increases. Another aspect is that the untimely rains in the north of India at the time of harvesting is causing the wheat loss and to scarcity of wheat grains. Demoralized by this many helpless farmers also commit suicides.
‘Global warming’, the possible outcomes of this might be: heating up of the ocean and on further heating up of the water to formation of clouds, which would increase to form a layer that would protect the earth from heat coming in and over hundreds of years would lead to the second ice-

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