Essay The Causes And Effects Of Eating Disorders

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The causes and effects of eating disorders. The causes and effects of eating disorders can lead to drastic measures. There are many types of eating disorders, and they can affect anyone, at any point in their lifetime. Most effects such as binging, purging, and or overeating takes place in a secluded area such as a bathroom, or bedroom caused by activities due to society, hereditary factors, and food influences such as GMOS. Society’s definition of beauty is deeply flawed. Magazines, commercials, typically any advertisement that uses a woman, or a man is indeed edited significantly. Breast are enlarged, tummies shrunk, biceps bigger, and knees are practically removed. Every model, especially models in skin company advertisement seem to have perfect skin, not one blemish. Some women would rather look like Beyoncé, as she is depicted as beautiful, and flawless; yet Beyoncé does not look like Beyoncé. Portraying images such as perfect can have the effect of anorexia, or bulimia. Anorexia is where a person starves themselves with the attempt to be thin, and bulimia is an act of starving oneself, then participating in an essential act such as

Toon 2 eating, followed by puking, or taking an extreme amount of laxatives to rid the body of food, also in the attempt to become thin. Anorexia has many effects on the body, and gives the person with the disorder a distorted view of themselves. When a person suffering from this disease attempts to look at a reflection…

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