Effect Of Bullying Essay

Bullying has been one of the most talked about issues over the past few years. Kids are taught at a young age to treat others the way they want to be treated, but most kids take advantage of this mentality and bully others. Bullying is caused by having psychological damage at a young age due to someone mistreating them. Bullying causes many different problems to your mental, social, and physical health, as people can get depression as an effect from bullying. The way to fix bullying is to not ignore the bullies, but to instead inform the public on the situation and show kids how to stand up for themselves and others.
Bullying is caused by a number of factors and no bully has the same conscience or mindset as another, but one thing most of
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The one being bullied, bystanders, and the bully are all affected by the incident. The one being bullied will often suffer from mental problems like depression and suicidal thoughts. Even more social problems will come out of this as people will see them as an outcast and don’t want to be involved with them because they fear being the new target of bully if they are associated with the one being bullied. More emotional problems that can stem from being bullied, are the child can have low self-esteem and low confidence levels. The child now lacks some of the key abilities in life to do good things since they don’t believe in themselves nor think they can do anything to change(“How Bullying Affects Children”). These emotional problems can even lead to the child’s grades dropping and suffering because they don’t think they matter anymore and just want to get out of the environment where they are bullied, which is often school (“Effects of Bullying”). The psychical problems are the most obvious as they can not be hidden, but are also a little less likely too as most bullying cases do not escalate that far. Some of the common physical problems can be: bruises, cuts, or even broken bones if the bullying is extremely physical. The bullied are not the only ones that get negative effects off of this behavior though. The bystanders can have a number of problems arise from this, they can feel an extreme …show more content…
People already have enough stress now, fearing for themselves and getting bullied, shouldn’t be something someone has to stress over. Everyone needs to remember that bullying begins from psychological problems at a young age. The effects of it are multiple negative things that affect your mental, emotional, and physical health. The way to solve the problem is to not ignore bullying, but to instead inform everyone about it and what to

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