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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of neural developmental disabilities that can cause impair social interactions, communication, and restrict and repetitive behavior challenge. I chose this topic because during work last summer there was a young boy with autism in my group. When his mother talked to me to let me know of his condition I was unaware of what it was so she gave me a brief description of the disorder.
Even though his mother told me about the disorder I would have never thought he was any different then any of the other kids. I want to learn more about the topic and to be able to know what it is about and have more information on the topic, especially if I come across this situation again. I think it is important to
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The interventions not only effect or help the person dealing with autism but it involves the whole family and many different therapists’ that works together to help the life of another. Evidence also shows that once the person grows older they no longer have
Berryman 3 the effects of autism.
Autism has many effects on peoples way of life. For example for learning, the most common problem that children with autism have is that it is extremely hard for them to learn language and social skills. Each person with autism has a different way of communication skills. Some people can speak well compared to others that can not speak at all or only very little. Only about forty percent of children with autism do not talk at all. About twenty-five to thirty percent of children with an autism have some words at twelve to eighteen months of age and then lose them. Others may not speak until later on in there childhood. People with autism may have an unusual way of speaking a language for example they may not be able to put words into a real sentence, just say one word at a time, repeat the same words or sentence over and over, or repeat what others say over and over whether it being right away or later after. People with autism may have a hard

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