Causes Of Autism

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Autism has been increasing very rapidly for the previous fifty years. It was originally thought as childhood schizophrenia. With plenty of research and strength of mind physicians have categorized it as its own syndrome. They have come very close in order to understanding accurately what the reason with reference to this so called” epidemic” is. Autism is diagnosed in children around the age of three. It has been diagnosed in children after the age of three, but this is an occasional incidence. There are many dissimilar types of hypothesis for the purpose of the cause of autism, but vaccines are not the source of the “autism epidemic.” The term autism has been around for one-hundred years at the present time. It refers to a range of neuro-psychological …show more content…
It takes this long in order to diagnose children with autism due to the fact that it is tough to distinguish their absence of communication skills and interaction with other children. Asperger’s syndrome is diagnosed well along in a child’s life usually because of the fact that problematic social communication with others transpires while at school. The ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder includes a number of disorders. For instance, autistic disorder which is when they have difficulties communicating with others; they have interruptions in learning, and will frequently have very obsessive disorders with substances or information. Pervasive developmental disorder is also a form of ASD. This is a very minor form of autism that has indications but is not severe enough in demand to be classified in any other area. This disorder is usually diagnosed well along in life in the event that it is identified at all. Asperger’s syndrome is where they have the same syndrome as autistic disorder but they demonstration above average intelligence. Children show that they want to be social with others; however, they do not know how to conduct themselves about it (Lilienfeld, 59). These are the majority of common forms of autism and are the most likely to be …show more content…
“The vaccination rate of those at or under the age of seventeen months increased by roughly fifty percent over the period, while the number of autism cases increased by six hundred percent”(Wile, 1). The vaccine and age period vary with children around the age of twenty-four months old, the autism rate has increased by means of three hundred percent over the period of 1988 to 1994.This is while the vaccination rate was roughly the same. In this same period, children given the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine are very steady with little increase despite the fact the autism rates are steadily growing with enormous increase in this time period. In Europe of 1992, vaccines containing thimerosal were discontinued because of the high amount of the population believing in this theory, but yet even until the year two thousand autism rates were continuing to grow in children (Wile,

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