The Causes And Effects Of A War On Drugs

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In the excerpt “A century of increasing drug control” from Illegal Drugs it conveyed the various drugs that people used along with the war on drugs they decided to start based on the harm they thought it would cause to society if it was abused. In the beginning of the 19th century people started taking drugs due to medical conditions, all drugs that were taken was prescribed. Towards the ending of the 19th century is when people started becoming addicted to narcotics and using it for recreational purposes that further led to public health issues and ultimately resulted in a war on drugs. In my opinion, there are various amounts of reasons on why they should have regulated the amount of drug use without having to start a war, if the president …show more content…
The main reason that I believe people took them was to numb the pain that they were experiencing at the time. Especially since it was proven that majority of the people who used drugs were people who were in poverty, they most likely used the drugs to suppress the feeling of being their situation and alter their state of mind so they can temporarily escape their reality. Many individuals cannot deal with pain so taking drugs is their next best option. Some of the people that do take drugs are veterans they use it recreational use purposes and many of them do get addicted to it also because they also try to escape the trauma that they face during the time they spend in the war, the veterans that do participate in taking drugs they are sympathized with because of what they are going through with their experience. On the other hand, people who are not veterans are not sympathized with people because they are seen to have no reason on why they are abusing drugs. In addition, another reason why people take drugs can be to overcome depression with cosigns with suppressing pain. Many people use to also boost their adrenaline rush to have a physical and emotional stimulation. Lastly, my final thoughts on the article is that they should have managed the way people use drugs and continue the jail time if the drug is abused in anyway, and instead of having a war on drugs they should have had one on something more important like

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