Texting And Driving: The Main Cause In Car Accidents

Texting and driving
Any text message, no matter how important, can wait until you aren’t on the road. “Three thousand death per year and 300,000 injuries per year as a result of teenage texting and driving,” (1 Peterson). A girl named Kena lossed her best friend in a car accident. This hit her and her family hard in there heart and everyone around her (texting and driving stories). Texting and driving has impacted many lives. This impacted lives by injury, guilt, and family heartache. Texting while driving is the main cause in car accidents by distracting the driver because it causes the driver to look off the road and anything bad can happen in a second. This should be banned in all states because it affects families, causes guilt , and
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This may cause someone to pass away or be severely injured. The cause of this happening can affect the way people live forever mentally and physically. It could cost a lot of money to receive help from a doctor or therapist. There are 1,600,000 accidents per year (Texting and Driving Statistics). This is dangerous because anything could happen to anyone. For example a tragic story given by Megan D. said her godson, Enzo Williams, recently passed away in a car accident, at only 6 months and 15 days old. They were waiting at a red light to turn left and the driver who hit them was texting and not paying attention (Texting and Driving Stories). This shows that anything can happen like this tragic story. Before answering the phone while driving think about the possibilities of an accident …show more content…
Teenagers don’t think it is a problem that texting and driving is bad. It’s a statistic that 77% of young drivers are very or somewhat confident they can safely text and drive at the same time (texting while driving statics). People support this because they are unaware of the solution at risk. Also, they probably text and drive all the time and they are ok. They also feel like they are confident at driving. My solution is better because it insures people 's health and well being. Anything can happen at any second so don 't risk the possibility of texting and

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