The Causes And Consequences Of The Vietnam War

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Vietnam War
Imagine a place so full of hatred, with so much war that the thought of a quick death is blissful; now imagine returning home from that and having every person you once knew think of you as a monster. The Vietnam war started in 1955, because of the communist aggression in that region. The very reason why the United States entered the war was to stop the unification of Vietnam under communist control; two years later this is exactly what happened. President Nixon enacted vietnamization, the removal of United States forces from Vietnam, in 1973. The U.S. surrendered, because they were not willing to make a full commitment to win, with enough resources already spent on the war and 58,000 American soldiers lost (national archives).
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They had no sense of morals, we were fighting an enemy with no conscience. A prime example is what they did to trick our soldiers, to get in their heads, and put guilt in their veins. Vietnamese soldiers would strap bombs to mothers and their children, they would then be instructed to walk up to opposing soldiers. Killing countless service members, children, and mothers. In result of this the United states army had to start sniping children if they were suspiciously approaching soldiers. There was also a fake barber shop set up. United States troops all got haircuts and at the end the barbers threw a bomb in the trash and ran away. Again killing a room full of American troops. The guilt and view of the war drove one man mad, he cut of the head of a dead body stuck it on a stake with a cigarette in it’s mouth. He was shot soon after. There are many stories just like this, when everything becomes too much, when they can’t stand the torture of war any longer. What many held onto was the thought of home. However, this image the soldiers cherished, was short lived because the people in America did not view them as their soldiers, but as …show more content…
When they returned from Vietnam they were met at the airport by protesters. These people attacked them with their anti-war signs, urine was thrown at them, people were calling them baby killers, and almost every protestor took a turn spitting on them ( Terry Tople, from the 9th infantry states that when he returned home it was off of the medical helicopter, he had a broken leg. Everyone else arriving with him was also injured. People were throwing tomatoes, rotten eggs, etc. at them (South Dakota State Archives). They made them feel like the enemy, therefore they continued to view themselves that way. When everyone around you thinks and calls you evil, you yourself start to believe it. Restaurants would not serve them, random people would curse them on the street, they were turned against by their own country. The very thing they devoted their life to protect hated them, their purpose in life, to them, was gone. For them the war did not end, for some it still

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