The Causes And Consequences Of The Salmon Species Essay

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Salmon are a very important fish species that contribute to the economy and play a very critical part in the food chain as they are the primary source of food for many animals and a food source for humans. Their annual migration is a miracle of nature that provides an insight into the yearly population and the abundance of their species (OLWQS 2014). However, the salmon population has decreased in the past few decades due to the effects of global warming causing changes within the habitats they live in. Theses effects lead to issues such as suboptimal diets having caused a decrease in salmon health leading to death. Predators that turn towards a higher salmon diet to fulfill their needs as other prey are becoming less abundant. And rising sea levels destroying important transition zones for juvenile salmon have caused the salmon population to decrease further. The salmon species are very sensitive to any change in environmental and these can have a drastic role in their population (Hibish And Poland et al. 2000). These animals are an essential part of the world and its oceanic environment. Sustaining the salmon population is critical if one wants to ensure the survival of these fish.

Suboptimal Prey

Global warming is a very serious problem that can affect many things, including the world’s ocean temperatures. And these “marine ecosystems can be far more sensitive to even the most modest temperature changes” (National Geographic’s 2016). As ocean…

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