The Causes And Consequences Of The Salem Witch Trials

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This paper is on the history of the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred in Salem Village, Massachusetts, from March to September 1692. The incident began when two young girls, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams started to behave oddly. (Events that changed America) In February of 1962, Parris and Williams began to slip into trances, blurting nonsensical phrases, cowering in corners, and collapsing in epileptic-like fits. The Father of Parris, Reverend Samuel Parris, invited many doctors to his home to examine the children. None of the doctors knew what to make of the situation until Doctor William Griggs examined the girls and diagnosed witchcraft. As more people of Reverend Parris congregation became aware of problem, the wild behavior …show more content…
During questioning, Tituba eventually confessed, naming four other witches, Good, Osborne and two others she did not know. Tituba described to the investigators that the devil was a tall man in a black suit who had a yellow bird, and carried a book, which he urged Tituba to sign. She stated that there was nine marks on the book, two by Good and Osborne. Tituba also confessed to trying to kill, Parris and Williams. Tituba’s confession affected the outcome of the witch trial, because she supported the claims of the girls’ seeing specters. The three women were transported to the Boston jail to await trial. The trail was placed on hold tell the name of the witches were reviled. Two weeks later, Ann Putman and Williams named Martha Corey as a witch, she was arrested the day after Williams pointed out her specter. Corey’s husband, Giles was called to testify, he stated that he found it hard to hard pray when she was around. He also stated he would find her late at night by the hearth kneeling mysteriously. Giles testimony was accepted as proof that Corey was a witch. She soon joins the other three at the Boston jail. Marry Warren was identified by Williams stating that she saw Warren sign the devils’ book. Williams and the others also accused Elizabeth Proctor, when John Proctor the husband of Elizabeth, came to his wife’s defense he was also arrested. By the end of May …show more content…
Restitutions were made to the family of the victims’. To understand why the trial happened the way it did you have to look at the way religion and beliefs were of the people of that time. As early as the 15 century, sorcery and white magic was saw as works of the devil. People did not know about what hysteria is and what it can cause its victims to do. We know have the information and the resources now to help and treat people that suffer with hysteria. During the time of the trial people only believed what they were taught by their religions. These events have hit our history very hard with it showed us what can happen if we do not look at the whole picture but only on the sight that we believe. Innocent people lost their lives over what was thought to be witchcraft when it was only a mental

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