The Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay

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The Causes of Divorce Divorce is defined as the termination of a marital contract or marriage and cancellation of all the responsibilities and duties associated with marriage. Divorce has many potential negative effects on both parties’ lives ranging from detrimental psychological and physical side effects, such as depression, decrease in happiness, a shortened life span and a higher tendency to succumb to drug and alcohol addiction, which in turn can negatively influence the social and financial lives of the parties involved. However, if the parties have children, they are subject to psychological consequences as they have to legally separate from one of their parents and come under the custody of one of the parents. Separation from either their mother or father causes them to experience immense psychological distress owing to factors of lost intimacy of one parent and decreased income, which may further result in improper nutrition, cheaper clothing and bad performance at school. According to research, it is estimated that in the United States 40% - 50% of first marriages end in divorce (Doherty). This essay will attempt to find out and discuss the causes of divorce due to which so many American lives are affected. One of the most common causes that people report, led to their divorce is infidelity by the marriage partner (Doherty). Infidelity is where one partner chooses to engage in a sexual relationship with someone other than their marriage partner, thus violating…

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