The Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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The causes of the Civil War The civil war lasted for a period of 4 years from the year 1861 to 1865. The war led to more than six hundred thousand casualties. The traces for the civil war are mainly from the tension that formed early in the history of the United States. The vast size of the United States resulted in divergent lifestyles and cultures in the South and North which were dictated by climatic and geographic differences producing raw materials which led either to industrialized city dwellers and farming communities. The paper shall describe the causes of the American civil war.
a. Economic and Social differences
The south was an agricultural state where tobacco and cotton formed the backbone of the economic strength of the area. Cotton had turned out to be profitable after the 1973 invention of the Cotton gin by Eli Whitney (Ford 18). The invention made it possible for the state to reduce the period that it took when the farmers were separating the seeds from the cotton. Nonetheless, the increase in the plantations number willing to shift from other crops implied the vast need for a vast among of the slave labor. Hence, the economy of the southern states turned to be a one crop economy that rely on cotton and hence on slavery (Ford 20). The region depended on exports to Western Europe. Social advancement was facilitated by the senior state families who acted as political, legal and economic brokers of the state on the people’s…

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