The Cause Of Gun Control In Bowling For Columbine By Michael Moore

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Each year in America we see the most violent crime has been committed using firearms. In April 20th 1999 two student in columbine high school in Littleton Colorado fired over 900 bullet, killed 12 students and teacher and injured many. The gun control debate has always been very controversial and hated topic among the people in the America. But in recent years, with more shooting and killing events, this topic has been more important than ever. Perhaps, this question comes to everyone that why someone kills others with firearm? The documentary “Bowling for Columbine” asks same question; what is the cause of the mass shooting in the America? The director of Bowling for columbine, Michael Moore, delve in to the some common answers that people …show more content…
Every footage in Moor’s documentary has been chosen skillfully and deliberately. Moore shocks the viewers by cleverly showing the disturbing and horrifying video footage of Columbine massacre that was caught on security camera, showing terrified students looking for place to hide as Harris and Klebold open fire, superimposed with the terrified 911 caller.
There is also a brilliant display of informative, astonishing and aggressive interviews, including with militia people, south park creator, Marilyn Manson and the tofu farmer James Nichole (the brother of Oklahoma City bomber). The film also ends up with an interview with the president of National Rifle Association (NRA), Charlton Heston. Bowling for Columbine deals with complicated issue of gun related violence in the America. In the beginning of the film the member of Michigan militia who has a day job as a Real Estate agent explains why he wants to be armed; he argues that, “this is an American tradition and it’s an American responsibility to be armed and if you are not armed you’re not responsible. Who is going to defend your kids, the cops, the federal government? It’s your job to defend you and you. If you don’t do it, you’re in dereliction of your duty as an American,

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