The Cause Of Colonial Disconnect From The British Empire Essay

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The Cause of Colonial Disconnect from the British Empire
The American Revolution was a historic event that shaped the future of the world, creating the most powerful nation currently on the political scene. However, the United States would have never flourished into the nation it is without the spark of rebellion that occurred in the original thirteen colonies. This spark was caused by multiple mistakes, conflicts and misunderstandings between the British and the Colonists, and contributed to a growing feeling of disdain for the British between 1763 to 1776. The Colonists began to disconnect from the British Empire because of controversial political actions against the colonies, too much involvement in colonial economics and social disputes.
Firstly, political conflicts between the British and their overseas citizens caused the colonists to call for independence. When the colonists began to show signs of rebellion, the British Parliament responded by tightening control over the colonists. Multiple acts were passed that the colonists felt were tyrannical and unfair in an attempt to maintain control, which caused further contempt for the British and more resistance. The first of those was the Proclamation of 1763, in which the colonists were prohibited from settling past the Appalachian Mountains. This offended many who felt it was not Parliament’s place to tell them where to settle. However, harsher acts later on in the time of rebellion caused a larger feeling of…

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