The Cause Of Binge Drinking

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The Causes of binge drinking for college students Over the past year 78% of teenager’s binge drink alcohol in America today. Out of that percentage 43% said they drink at least twelve drinks every month. But in 1990 that number was only at 68%. So the question is what are the causes that grew the percentage of binge drinking in college students? It can factor down into many different reasons. Social norm or “fitting in”, it is easy to obtain, and peer pressure. These causes can all be brought up to the rise in binge drinking in American college/ high school students and even can be very dangerous to the students safety while they are in school. It’s not hard to believe that alcohol now-a-days is easy to …show more content…
The media is everywhere now, it is one of the first things we see in the morning and the lasts things we see at night. The movie industry portrays binge drinking as a “great time” with little to no consequences, so the effect of this is when teens watch them they think it’s okay to binge drink at parties and events because its “normal teenage behavior”. Teenagers believe in what they see so the effects of watching movies where the party always ends in a good way or happy ending. Also in movies when they show alcoholics that binge drink every single day they show them as dirty, old, violent, and living in a torn down place with nothing in it. In reality that is not always true, a constant binge drinker can look like any normal person or even student, but with the movie industry giving us that image students think that because they do not live the same lifestyles as the shown alcoholics they do not have a problem. Media has a huge impact on the youth and giving the image of alcohol being fun with no consequences is why it is a huge reason why it is a rise in binge drinking. A reason not many people think about is the student family background. Family members have made drinking around their kids more open now and kids of course learn from that. Also when the teenagers leave for college many parents often tell them “it’s okay if you party” which gives them an excuse to not feel bad about

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