The Cause Of Addiction By Bruce Alexander, Robert Coambs, And Patricia Hathaway

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Scientists named Bruce Alexander, Robert Coambs, and Patricia Hathaway began testing rats to see if the drug were really the cause of addiction or if addiction resulted from cultural cause. Emma a sixty-three year old dean was diagnosed with a spine problem so she got surgery to her spine. Since she had that procedure done she became dependent on Opium. Opium was used to cure many things and even to quiet babies. Although Opium helped cure people, the people had to continue taking opium because after a while of not taking opium they began to shake uncontrollably. Bruce Alexander believes that no drug is really addictive because of the Ontario household survey and cases from the Vietnam War. Alexander admits to using acid and says he no longer fears mortality ever since he used LSD. Later, Alexander decided to study the nature of love along with Harlow due to his divorce but, he ended up being more interested in addiction after seeing how Harlow always remained intoxicated. Bozarth and Wise got Rats high and then tested them to see if they would go through and electric field just to receive more drug. Olds and Milner studied rates by implanting electrodes in their brain. They found that placing the electrodes on different areas of the brain caused different reactions of the rodents and that the median forebrain bundle was the pleasure center. Groups of psychologists and pharmacologists came up with the idea that we already have natural drugs embedded in our systems but that…

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