Essay On Anxiety Panic Disorder

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An anxiety panic disorder is a sudden attack or just a constant fear in the back of one’s head. It usually is overwhelming and causes great distress to the person it is happening to; the people who struggle with anxiety become overwhelmed with fear. They start to feel like they cannot breath and their heart will start to pound, like they are losing control of something they cannot even control. A lot of people will say they lose control of the situation and that they feel like there is no way out. They really feel trapped in their own fear. At times, an Anxiety Panic Disorder, or APD, can feel like they dying or going crazy. Fear is what drives panic attacks it is the kickstarter for everything. Without the major fear living inside of these …show more content…
March 2016.)
I personally think that anxiety attacks are awful, they are awful to witness and even worse to have this disorder. I have seen how much they can affect a someone 's life, how much it can hurt them, and the people around them. The amount of pain and stress someone with APD would have to go through would be a lot to handle for one person. Everyone has some sort of panic attack, only with others, it hits alot harder. It is hard to watch how much these attacks hurt them and how much they affect their life. One of the reasons it bothers me so much is because I cannot help the people who are struggling with this, t he most I can do is help lead them to somebody that can. Nature Vs. Nurture
An anxiety panic disorder is more nurture than nature because someone can get panic attacks from experiences that they have gone throughout their life. Whether it was a near death experience or just a scary moment they had when they were little. Anything that traumatizing that has happened to someone can trigger this disorder. Criterion for Diagnosis according to the DSM

Treatments for disorder

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