The Cause And Effect Of Vaccinations Essay

1367 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
Imagine yourself, eleven-years-old, lying in anguishing pain in a hospital bed. Doctors are surrounding you, offering medical assistance. But your parents deny you the right to be treated. “Medical assistance would infringe upon my right to practice my religion” they claim. You hear those around you and have some hope of survival left. However, you never get medical assistance. Instead your parents pray. And pray. And continue to pray. This, of course, does nothing. The doctors and specialists know this, but your parents still refuse to accept it. You die. This was the case for eleven-year-old Madeline Nuemann, and this could have been prevented.
A motion opposing vaccinations is currently increasing in popularity. When most people consider vaccines they envision favorable health, protection against harmful viruses, and medical assistance. Recently, salient opposition to vaccinations is beginning to emerge among individuals. Many people cite religion and the First Amendment as a reason not to be vaccinated as certain vaccinations are manufactured using aborted fetal tissues. Furthermore, parents have not been allowing their children to be vaccinated and are claiming vaccinations induce more harm than good by causing autism in children, simply contradicting factual evidence. When vaccinations were initially introduced, the amount of people affected with the particular disease they were vaccinated for declined rapidly, displaying an overall less likely chance of acquiring the…

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