The Cause And Effect Of The Civil War Essay

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O so vast so mighty,
The Great River rolls to sea,
Flowers do waves thrash,
Heroes do sands smash,
When all the dreams drain,
Same are loss and gain.
Green mountains remain,
Under pink sunsets,
Hoary fishers and woodcutters,
Along the banks, find calm water,
In autumn moon or in spring wind,
By the wine jars, fill porcelain.
Discuss talk and tale,
Only laugh and gale... This is a very famous poem in china. It means that there are many things happened in the history, these things are like the dust disappeared, only exist in our discussion. However, obviously, the world is totally different if one thing changed in history. There are also many things undefined or not verified in history. These are the reason why history is so attractive. Sample Question: What is the cause and effect of the civil war?
The civil war occurring between 1861~1865, was the most destructive conflict in American history. Civil war has a great, historic, progressive and revolutionary significance. Constitutionally, the war established the supremacy of the federal government over the states. Politically, the war established the foundation stage for America to become the most powerful country in the world. And Socially, the war gave the African American the freedom and the rights to vote, although they were still discriminated during the reconstruction after the civil war.
In order to analysis the reason of the outbreaks of the civil war, you should look at the purpose of the civil war, the results of…

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