The Cause And Effect Of Robots Essay

733 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
“The Cause and Effect of Robots When They Take our Jobs” What happens if humanity is replaced by robots to do all the jobs?. Technology is becoming more advanced. We are nearly experiencing that by having a cleaner robots and so on. They are going to change the whole economy where people are laying all the day and letting the robots take care of all their life needs. We are going to face unemployment by letting the robots be smarter than us. For instance, the low class people who works as a laborer. If the robots take their jobs, it will be a disaster, because this will have a negative impact on their life as well their financial situation. Robots inventing will result in a situation where many people will have difficulties finding a job. The economy will be affected because the people are not having income to spend on their desires. If the robots being invented to do everything in our industry then there is no need for workers. For this reason, we will find a big percentage of unemployment. Unless, if we control that from the beginning, we will not face a significant percentage of unemployment. Everything comes gradually, so we don 't think in prior and solve it from the beginning. The robot will be serving us a food in the restaurants where they started that in Japan. Similarly, China has started that too where they make the robots do all the job in the restaurant. They not only serve food but also clean dishes and cook. This might seem like a good scenario but the…

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