Essay on The Cause And Effect Of My Mother

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I was born on October 14, 1996 at John Peter Smith hospital In Fort Worth, Texas. From what I 've been told, the pregnancy was uneventful. However, the labor was horrific. My mother, was set on having a natural birth. After 33 hours in labor, and many previous refusals for C-Section she finally relented. The doctors had explained that I, she, or both of us could die and that natural birth was no longer an option. I was born just barely six pounds of screaming baby, difficult even from the start. But despite my notoriously fussy behavior and being slightly small, I was relatively developmentally normal. The one exception I can really think of is my serious asthma which I was hospitalized for many times as a child.
As a baby I displayed clear signs of Resistant Attachment to my mother. I have heard the many stories of my infancy and toddler years from my family members as they relayed the horror of my unimaginable endurance and stamina as I screamed and cried for my mother. That my grandmother had once told my mother to just let me cry, that I 'd sooth myself and fall asleep. No such luck, I was an Olympian of fit throwing and I could stubbornly outlast any adult. I have even been told that once my mother finally came back and picked me up that I would continue to cry, almost as if to punish her for leaving in the first place.
I never had daycare while I lived with her, it was impossible to leave me anywhere. I spent my every waking moment with her. She owned her own…

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