Essay on The Cause And Effect Of Lung Cancer

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Today Tim’s life took a turn for the worst. To start the day off, Tim goes outside and does chores. While walking back to the shed he feels like it is harder to breath. Like an elephant is sitting on him. Thinking that he might be dying, he hurries to the house and his wife drives him to the hospital. At the hospital Tim complains about chest pain and for it to be hard to breath. He gets rushed to a doctor and they examine him. Tim tells the doctor that he smokes cigarettes, and goes through a pack a day. After some tests they tell Tim that he has damage to cells on the pathway to his lungs. The doctor also says that there are flat cells that line the inside of the airways in the lungs, which is why it is so hard for Tim to breath. Tim has primary non-small cell lung cancer. This is devastating news as lung cancer is the deadliest cancer of all. Unfortunately, diseases like this could have been prevented. Doctors believe smoking causes lung cancer by damaging the cells that line the lungs. While inhaling cigarette smoke (which is full of cancer-causing substances) it changes the lung tissue almost immediately. Too many people do not understand the real dangers in smoking, if they do they ignore it and do it anyways. There are no positives to smoking and there are no benefits to smoking either . Smoking has many bad effects like, cost, family, social status, and health.
Because of how stressful life can be, people turn to smoking to calm them down. This is bad since now…

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