The Cause And Effect Of Cigarettes Essay examples

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Cigarettes have been one of the leading cause for why so many lives have been ruin and damage. It has caused many deaths and still is at its all-time high. Doctors have stated that, “the reason behind the high deaths in people who are suffering form lung cancer is because many don’t know how to put the lighter down”. However, I believe that this ad I have chosen to use, made by NHC is calling for people to release themselves from smoking habits and get help, with the uses ethos, logos and pathos to tie the rhetoric aspect and make the advertisement more informative and benefiting. With any type of advertisement there is always some type of photographic piece which mainly focuses on the story you are trying to convey. In this ad you see a young girl, who look as if she is in her late teens, maybe early twenty’s, who has nothing attractive about her looks ,but has a hook coming from her mouth which symbolizes that with smoking you are trapped; once you are hooked it is hard to quit. Furthermore, with this advertisement you also see a sign of pathos, which Udemy Blog says, “when ads appeal to the emotional need of the audience; it is generally to promise product or ad to serve a certain function” and anyone who would come in contact with this ad will feel some kind of way because smoking affects everyone in some. The NHS also use dark depressing colors, because the wanted to symbolize the darkness that was surrounding the life of smokers and help the people to realize that…

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