Roles Of Development In The Short Years Of Children

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Children develop drastically from birth to the age of three. Transforming from completely dependent upon others to comprehending what it takes to obtain all of their needs. From birth, babies depend on adults for everything to keep them alive, yet in three short years they become independent human beings that, with assistance, can become self-sufficient contributions to society. Development through these years is simply amazing. In such short periods children can digest such an immense amount of information. Comprehending the range of periods children go through allows for us to provide efficient and influential care to all children.
Infants begin life using reflexes, while some reflexes are a response to their environment, many are used for
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They develop an interest in toys and use their imagination to play pretend. At this age, children are able to scribble vigorously and are beginning to understand what certain things are, such as, a phone, tv, remote, etc. Children at this age are exceedingly active, they are able to walk and run by themselves. With the expanded ability to run, children may stumble and fall, which calls for close observation when children are on the move. Independence is now taking flight during this age. Children learn how to properly drink from a cup and eat with a spoon. Some warning signs to look out for during this age include if the child can’t walk, point, gain new words, notice familiar things and if the child loses a skill they once …show more content…
Communication skills during this time are flourishing and children can now tell stories or communicate about prior experiences. Logical reasoning skills develop throughout play, they can begin to complete puzzles and classify objects. Physically, children are now able to perform large-muscle activities, such as, climbing or riding a bike. Although three-year-olds are able to communicate on their own they still need the assistance of adults. If a quarrel were to occur between two children, they would seek an adult for guidance. Throughout this age, children are adding upon the creativity skills they already possess and discover different components of music. When participating in pretend play, children enjoy using real objects. When asking questions, ask those that require children to think personally about their response, these are much more encouraged rather than a yes or no

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