Essay about The Cattle Industry And Its Impact On The Welfare

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Temple Grandin states you can only manage what you can measure to identify problems and achieve improved states of welfare (Lyles, Calvo-Lorenzo 5335). Welfare in cattle has been a major topic and question of many many years due to the numerous practices. Societal acceptance is a big concern in the welfare because what ties into it is the views of treatment and living conditions of these animals. In the cattle industry outsiders and the people known as the consumers need to understand how livestock operations work and why they work the way they do. From husbandry practices to new and improved advancements issues and concerns can go on but there are correct solutions that have been tested and proven to be the reason why the industry does what needs to be done in the most appropriate and efficient way. Just as the cattle industry has continued be important in this world from the start of raising and handling cattle for product it will continue to the future to raise welfare awareness to improve livestock care and management. All concerns of the animals welfare should be to come up with the most efficient beef product. The biggest challenge facing the cattle industry and the people who run it is the perception of the welfare and handling of the animals; therefore it is imperative that the industry have a professional operation to maintain the high standard and image for the better of the animals. Because identification is important in the handling of cattle it is necessary to…

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