Essay about The Catholic Church

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines liturgy as being a service in which Catholic individuals participate in to rejoice the holiness of God (CCC1069). In liturgy members of the Catholic faith are able to commemorate Gods works through varies forms. Liturgy practices include: prayer, reading of scripture, receiving the sacraments and commemorating Christ through an active service (CCC1070).
2) In less than 100 words, explain the term using words and concepts appropriate to a ten-year-old child.
Liturgy is where people actively express their faith in Christ through many ways. Everyday we read and talk, but who provided this opportunity for us? Through liturgy we as human beings can celebrate what God gave us - eternal life. Liturgy is like saying “thankyou” to your parents after they cook you dinner. It is a way of acknowledging what they have done for you; in the same way that liturgy thanks God for all he has done for us.
3) In less than 200 words, illustrate how a correct understanding of this term can help a person to grow in their relationship with God and their fellow human beings.
When the term ‘Liturgy’ is correctly understood, an individual is able to flourish with God and the members of the Catholic faith. The service of liturgy allows an individual to completely worship Christ, through both behaviour and the preaching of the word. Not only, does liturgy help individuals grow with God but also with others of the same belief. Through liturgy God is shared…

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