Essay on The Catholic Church Within The Past Centuries

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There have been several issues with the Catholic Church within the past centuries. Some hadn 't thought to question the ways of the Church–– but some had taken actions into accord when reform was requested or needed. The Nineteenth Ecumenical Council–– which was moreover known as the Council of Trent, had played a role in the reform on the Catholic Church. It was also considered to be one of the most important councils throughout the history of Roman Catholic Churches.

Before the formation of the council, Martin Luther, a monk who was born in Germany became an important icon during the 16th Century when he began the Protestant Reformation. In 1517, when Pope Leo X introduced a new set of indulgences, Luther found it as a wrongdoing, especially if it was from the Catholic Roman Church. What Pope Leo X intended to do with the fortune that the church received was for the building of St. Basillica 's in Rome. At that point, the laity were uneducated as some of the clergy were dishonest. This had lead to a somewhat corrupt Church that took advantage of the laity. With this, Luther introduced a 95 Thesis on a sheet of paper, to which he nailed onto a door of a university chapel 's door. Despite his original intentions to begin a discussion about his beliefs, it caused an uproar and was seen as a harsh critique against the Church.

This caused an issue amongst the Roman Catholic Church. Although Luther specifically wrote the thesis to be targeted at the Church, he often made…

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