The Catholic Church Of The Middle Ages Essay

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The Roman Catholic Church, being the only universal European institution of the Middle Ages, practically governed every aspect of society. Medieval Europeans viewed the Church as a blessing from God; a humble order which was sent to protect them from the numerous raids and invasions which consequently led to chaos and disorder in society. Europeans that lived during the medieval times were pious and devout Christians. They believed that the road to eternal happiness was to fear their almighty father in the Heavens, to obey His commandments, and to apply bible principles in their everyday lives. With hopes to be favored in God’s eyes, medieval Christians turned to religious authorities for guidance on not only spiritual, but also worldly matters. Papal authorities, asserted, “individualism was identical with arrogance, rebellion, and sin”(1) , and in order to impede sinful actions, the Church restricted individual expression and “advocated unfaltering faith and unquestioning obedience.” The Church discouraged individual freedom and taught that one’s position in life was decided by God and was not to be questioned, or changed. Thus, the Church advocated feudalism, which “revolved around the community rather than the individual… collective and corporate liberty rather than individual freedom.” Feudalism was based on each person’s understanding of the role they play in society, and with everyone holding to the positions given to them by means of ancestry, the Church succeeded in…

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