Essay on The Catholic Church And The Protestant Church

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a) The Protestant Church follow after Martin Luther, meaning they do allow Priest who are not married to marry. They do not impose celibacy at all.
b) The Orthodox Church does not refute a celibate priesthood, that is after all why the priest-monks (monks that are also priests) exist. Celibacy is on a voluntary base and never to be forced upon anyone.
c) The Catholic Church does impose celibacy on its priest. Recently some of Eastern Catholic Church has allowed for their priest to marry. The Latin Roman Catholic Church on the other hand does not waver on this, the only exception would be if a non-Catholic individual decides to become a Catholic priest.
a) Protestant Church views on Eucharist: first of the Protestant Church usually it communion, not Eucharist. Secondly the Protestant reformations communion does not rely on the power of a priest to convert the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Instead the Church uses the bread and wine as a symbol to symbolize his sacrifice. The church does not have as many rules governing the management of communion. In fact, some churches throughout history handed out excess bread to hungry children. This does not mean this practice is any less important to Protestant faiths.
b) Orthodox Churches view of Eucharist: strongly asserts the "Real Presence" of Jesus ' body in the Eucharist; by this the sacrament is not symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus but rather that it is his body and blood. The church…

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