Essay The Categories Of Parent Involvement

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The purpose of this study was to recognize the categories of parent involvement that

parents’ consider being the most effective in students’ academic achievement in 6th grade

middle school in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The literature review focused on parent involvement in school and at home. Parents,

students and teachers’ expectations. Many reasons for the lack of parent involvement

were addressed in each article. Finally, Is it important for parents to be involved and how

can teachers, administrators and parents collaborate to increase parent involvement for

the success of the student academic achievement? Parental involvement has many definitions, Epstein discusses six basic categories:

facilitating learning at home, basic parenting, communicating with the school,

volunteering at the school, participating in school decision making, and collaborating

with the community. Another article suggests parent involvement to be: “homework with

parental help, time spend reading at home with guidance, time spend conferencing with

teacher” (Hawes and Plourde 2005 p. 48). Another article talks about parenting style

communication, checking homework and attending school activities as being important.

The problem is it is unknown the level of parental involvement that would be a

positive or negative contribution to a student’s education and achievement. The education…

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