The Categorical Grouping Of Criminal Personality Essay

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The categorical grouping of criminal personality are diversified and difficult to identify because of the multiplicity of behaviors. The behavioral psychologist and researchers place the determinants of criminal personality in groups; psychosocial, cognitive, personality development, and environmental. There were much confusion in the past diagnosing this antisocial personality disorder/ psychopathy stemming from period of the DSM-I, 1952 to the DSM-5 today. In studies done by multiple researchers have verified the traits of the psychosocial variables that contributes to the development of the criminal personality type that knowingly engage in criminal acts. The media keeps society well informed of varies account of both sexes who commits felonies, misdemeanors, and other detrimental acts of violence, without reasoning or forethought. It has been documented that the individuals with a criminal personality shares some of the same personality traits as non-criminals. The premeditators are those who plan their criminal action, similar to a person planning their weekly schedule. One example is a stalker who murders for thrill or the child molester/pedophile who utilizes social media to view child pone or indulge in sexual fantasy and abuse of children.
. The question is, what kind of personality type that engages in criminal behaviors, that impacts the health and welfare of the victims? Therefore, the knowledge and understanding of the criminal personality is crucial in…

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