The Catcher In Rye Argumentative Essay

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Argument essay
What make a book become interesting? Most of people will say definitely is its plot. Yes, it ‘s absolutely right. But, with me, the things which make a book interesting is also the plot and the language or the writing style of the author. Vietnamese culture have a proverb: “ You don’t have to pay for speech, choose nice things to say with each other”. Well, it’s actually very parallel in Vietnamese. In my view, language and writing style is very important to make a good book or paper. That is the reason why every have to be censored before publish. Have you ever read a book which is banned? Me? Yes, I have. That book is: “ The catcher in rye”. Why did people ban it? They must have some reasons. It’s because of it language. I
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Some parts of the book mention about some sensitive situations. Many times is about sexual, alcohol. It is the picture of Holden Caulfield can’t stand with his phony, full of evil things society. It’s easy to understand that parent do not want their kid read all that kind of things. In 1978, the book was banned in high school Issaquah for being a part of “an overall communist plot”.In 1958, it was banned in high school at Florida because of unacceptable content. In 1987, it was banned in a high school at Dakota for its sexual references (Banned or Challenged books from Raddiffe Publish Course). In 1992, it was banned at Illinois because it mentioned about alcohol abuse (Holden regardless bought alcohol when he is not old enough). The book also attracted many famous, and prestigious publisher, newspapers like New York time, New Yorker, The Saturday Review of Literature. They all debated about “The catcher in the rye” writing style. Not only that, the plot of the book is about how pessimistic Holden are with life, Holden’s situation some how affect people ways of thinking, acting. In 1980, an insane person name Mark David Chapman shot The Beatles legend John Lennon in front of his apartment in Mahattan, and after that gave the police the book “The catcher in the rye” as an explanation why he did it. John Hinckley, after murder President Ronald Reagan unsuccessful, was recorded to be haunt by this book, too. In 1960, A teacher was fired because introduce “The catcher in the rye” in school, but later

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