The Cask Of Amontillado Realism Essay

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Are Poe’s Crime Scenes Realistic?
Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories are grim and disturbing. In his short story “The Cask of Amontillado” the protagonist lures the antagonist into his catacomb. Then, locked away the antagonist down in the catacomb resulting in his death. This murder was accomplished when the antagonist became drunk and could not realize what was happening, but would that really be enough to just lure him into the catacomb? Even if that is possible would the antagonist be so oblivious as to let the protagonist be able to shackle him to the wall. The catacomb could also be a flaw in the story because the catacomb while there were no given dimensions of the catacomb it was described to be a large catacomb that also used as a
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On top of that, the fact that the antagonist was never found while being possible it seems to be very unlikely. This would mean that the catacomb was either never used again after the murder or anyone was allowed to go back in the catacomb again. In Edgar Allan Poe’s short storyThe Cask of Amontillado” there are flaws in the setting that seems more imaginative than realistic because of the size of the sheer size of the catacomb, the alcohol consumption and, if the antagonist would survive the alcohol consumption as well as being in the catacombs.
In the story “The Cask of Amontillado” the main part of it is the catacombs underneath the protagonist’s house. While the catacombs seem unrealistic the catacombs in the story are of a regular size. This is
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The first factor was the catacomb it seemed to be unreal how big it was but through an article it is shown that the catacombs can be even bigger than the size in the story. Another unbelievable factor is how easy it was for the protagonist to fool the antagonist while he was drunk. Although it turns out that people can become intoxicated enough to not realize what is happening or where they are going. Finally, it seemed unrealistic for how long the antagonist survived for. In the articles it showed that there is a possibility that there was a vast amount of fungi that could have killed the antagonist. Also, the amount of alcohol that the antagonist was consuming should have killed him. Even though some of the factors of the story seem unrealistic they turned out to be factual. This is how the unbelievable factors of the story were proven true and some of them proven

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