The Cask Of Amontillado, By Edgar Allen Poe Essays

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Edgar Allen Poe is more than a Romantic and Gothic literature writer; he is a major figure in the world of literature because of his clever poems and short stories. The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven, and Annabel Lee are the works that I will discuss that had an influence on what we consider Romantic and Gothic literature. Poe stories include themes of the supernatural, detective, love, death, and mourning. Edgar Allen Poe is an ingenious writer that shows the true meaning of Romantic and Gothic literature through his characters, symbolism, and metaphors making it undeniable real to his readers. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809; he was only two years old when his parents died. Poe was adopted by a wealthy tobacco exporter, later in life he went to the University of Virginia, where he attended less than one year before dropping out of the University. After, he went into the army, joining West Point Academy, but was eventually discharged. Poe actually started writing magazines before he found that his passion was in poetry and short stories. Poe is famous mostly for Romantic and Gothic literature.
Romanticism spread like wildfire during the 18th century, from Europe, mostly known as the Romantic era. Romantic literature was everything but romantic, its main focus was on dark love, death, faith, feelings, and imagination. During the Romantic era, people were questioning faith, nature, and the supernatural. This supernatural and mystical genre that…

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