The Case : The Speluncean Explorers Case Essay

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One of the most important fictional legal cases that legal philosophers debate upon is the Speluncean Explorers case. This specific case displays legal philosophy dilemmas regarding murder, self-defence, and any case necessity can justify murder. The facts in this care mirror the R. Vs. Dudley and Stephens and develop upon the same issues that arose in that case. In this fictional case, the accused persons had been trapped in a cave because of a landslide, the explorers were trapped for 20 days without any contact and on the 20th day, radio contact was established. Ten workmen had died in trying to save them in a consequent landslide and the trapped explorers were informed that it would be at least 10 more days before they could be rescued. These individuals were also informed by a medical professional that they would not survive the 10 more days without food. The cavers also asked the medical professional if they killed and ate one of the people trapped, if that would increase their chances of survival. The Medical professional had reluctantly agreed to that statement. The explorers looked for council from others including priests, and they were not given any clear answer. The explorers decided to choose a person or sacrifice based on a draw of dice and the person that had come up with the idea drew the unlucky dice. On the 30th day when they were rescued, only four explorers had survived and Mr. Roger Whetmore was deceased and consumed by his companions. The four survivors…

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