Volkswagen Ethical Dilemmas

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We have been unable to give Volkswagen a grade higher than an A- based on its failure to succeed in some of criteria on the Corporate Report Card. Its inability to satisfy its triple bottom line sufficiency leads to this grade which can be derived from many components.
First off, in regards to its equity and family section. Volkswagen only barely skims the top of many concerns such as the equality between senior positions for men and women and concerns for workplace diversity and employment equity. For women on board, Volkswagen employs only three women on its Supervisory Board out of the twenty members (15%), namely Dr. Louise Kiesling,
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It highlights as one of the worst negative ethical performance in a corporation. Under the criteria of their environmental policy, they stated by 2018, they want to reduce the environmental impact of production of every car by 25% compared to 2010. They will achieve this by reducing energy, waste, and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, by 2020 they will reduce CO2 emissions by creating new efficient Volkswagen vehicles that reduces up to 25% in fuel consumption and emissions. Volkswagen set very high standards regarding their environmental policy and fails to execute their action. Instead of following these guidelines, they installed softwares in cars that cheated the emissions test. When the cars were in test mode, they fully complied with all federal emissions levels. However, in the streets the cars significantly changed the fuel pressure, exhaust gas, and injection timing. Thus, this significantly impacted the environment. Many customers bought the diesel fueled vehicles because they believed they were creating a sustainable environment as advertised by Volkswagen. However, the vehicles engine emitted nitrogen oxide pollutants up to 40 times above the legal standards. This pollutant is extremely dangerous and heavily linked to lung cancer. In total, affected vehicles in the U.S. are likely emitting between 10,392 to 41,571 tons of toxic nitrogen oxides into the air every year, based on the typical mileage counts. (Earth Talk). If only those vehicles complied with the federal pollution standards, they would emit 1,039 tons per year. Furthermore, the 11 million affected diesel-engine worldwide emitted over 235,000 to 948,000 tons of NOx emissions annually. Ironically, instead of following the environmental policy they set up to improve the environment, they dramatically harmed the environment. And therefore, besides compensating for the damages done, the company should be monitored by

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