The Case Study Of Mcdonald's Restaurant In Hong Kong

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Register to read the introduction… For example, has been appointed ambassador like Justin Timberlake for McDonald’s worldwide “lovin’ it” campaign.

5. Economic

• Inflation and interest rate
• Unemployment and cyclicality
• Energy cost and transport cost
• To relate with case study:

In 2003 the McDonalds restaurants in Hong Kong cooked 32.5 million eggs, prepared more than 25 million pounds of French fries and grilled more than 4.4 million pounds of beef patties to the satisfaction of its customers. The company has captured its share in the market as reflected by the increase in the number of branches.

6. Legal

• Competition law and government policy
• Product safety issue
• To relate with case study:

McDonald’s must apply a more careful consideration on their corporate social responsibilities. On the whole, this addressed the need of the company to form its corporate reputation to a more positive one and a more socially responsible

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