The Case Study ' Millicent Is 76 And Lived With Her Partner Elizabeth For 43 Years.

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In the ‘case study’ Millicent is 76 and lived with her partner Elizabeth for 43 years. Elizabeth died six years ago form cancer and in the last three years Millicent’s sister Judith has lived with her. They both have support from a niece who visits most weekends .Millicent has vascular dementia. This diagnosis, disclosure fear of her sexual orientation , diabetes mellitus, continence management and behavioural changes have a profound impact on Millicent and her family .The Alzheimer’s Australia WA and other community services can provide support with these issues.

The first issue the family faces is vascular dementia. This issue poses for Millicent a frequent risk of septicaemia, lung disease and urinary infection (Habeych, & Castilla-Puentes, 2015) and a higher risk of ischemic strokes, depression, anxiety and apathy (Imfeld et al., 2013; Khan, Kalaria, Corbett & Ballard, 2016) . Additionally , dementia carers will often experience greater burden than a carer of people with other chronic conditions (Gresham, Tsang, Heffernan, & Brodaty, 2014).Hence, Judith could experience carer’s burden which includes stress, sleep disturbances or depression rates of 15 percent to 32 percent (Müller et al., 2016; Nair, Mansfield, & Waller, 2016). Subsequently, carer burden results in reduced personal care and life quality or earlier institutionalisation for the individual with dementia (McGovern, 2015).

Alzheimer’s Australia WA offer services of free education, support, counselling…

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