The Case School Is The Northeast Stem Academy Essay

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Write a brief essay (suggested length of 3–5 pages) in which you:
The case school is the Northeast STEM Academy. The STEM Academy is a magnet program that is part of the Northeast Independent School District (NEISD) in San Antonio Texas. The academy’s mission is to create a STEM-rich school experience by drawing upon a high quality implementation of STEM focused curriculum that will prepare students to be career and college ready. To accomplish this the academy uses a model of problem-based, technology-rich curriculum , creates engaging learning environments where science and math serve as vehicles for discovery, innovation, and independent problem solving (“STEM Academy,” 2008). And it must engage all stakeholders. The STEM Academy stakeholders are individuals and groups that have a vested interest in the success of the academy in fulfilling our mission.

A. Stakeholder Groups: The candidate identifies more than 2 appropriate stakeholder groups that exist in the educational organization.
There are a number of stakeholders that are involved with the STEM Academy’s mission. They can be grouped into two classifications- internal stakeholders and external stakeholders (“Engaging Stakeholders,” 2010). Internal stakeholder are those who work within the school system. These would be NEISD superintendents, school board members, faculty, administration, staff, and students. External…

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