The Case Robertson Verses Hunter Panels Llc And Carlisle Construction Materials Inc.

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The case Robertson verses Hunter Panels LLC and Carlisle Construction Materials Inc., was a civil rights – Title VII Employment – Retaliation, workplace Harassment, Gender Discrimination suit. Sandra Robertson had worked for Hunter Panels LLC since 2006. Robertson filed a lawsuit against Hunter Panels LLC and Carlisle Construction Materials Inc. in April 2013, for harassment on the job, and gender discrimination. Mrs. Robertson was fired in 2012, after telling a human resource employee that gender discrimination was a on going problem at Hunter Panels LLC (Packel, 2016). Mrs. Robertson a twenty-year veteran of the Untied States Air Force, the discrimination started after she was hired at Hunter Panels LLC. Robertson was openly embarrassed because of her gender her co-workers continuously being ostentatious of her and consistently being demeaning toward her in front of others. Robertson stated after she was at Hunter Panels for a few months she got promoted to supervisor position, she was paid less than the male employee who’s place she took. (Packel, 2016).
The last supervisor was paid twenty dollars and hour, when she took the new position she was paid sixteen-fifty and hour. Robertson said she worked in this position for six years never reaching what her predecessor made and he only worked in the position for 6 months. However, when Robertson was promoted to supervisor her new position the harassment increased the company ignored her reports about he harassment. Her…

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