The Case Of Young People Essay

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Actress Nikki Reed once said, "Young people need to vote. They need to get out there. Every vote counts. Educate yourself, too. Don 't just vote. Know what you 're voting for, and stand by that." This is the case in this election. In the case of young people needing to vote, I plan on voting for whom I believe to be the best for this country, just as I hope all young people will do. It was the case for my mother as well when she first voted. My mother turned 18 in 1988, just in time for the presidential election in 1988. She told me, "In 1988, I first voted in Novi, Michigan. The race was between George (H.W.) Bush and another person. It was mostly focused on the news about Iran (Iran Contra), the drought in the mid west, and the struggling economy. It was such a big moment in my life." When I asked my mother if this was the biggest and most memorable moment in her political life, she told me, "Of course not. It was in 2008 when Barrack Obama ran for president. It was the chance to have an African American be first elected to president so that was the reason it was so exciting." I asked her why she is so excited to vote. I was told, "It is a time to have my voice heard. It is a chance to have my right to speak and voice my opinion by electing people who would act in my interest." When asked if she could support one of this year 's candidates, she answered, "I do not think I support anyone in this year 's election. I think one has too much baggage and the other is just not…

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