The Case Of Timothy Lawyer And Lawyer V. City Of Council Bluffs

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Unit 10 DB 1
Lawyer and Lawyer v. City of Council Bluffs, Iowa
The case of Timothy LAWYER and Michael Lawyer, Plaintiffs, v. CITY OF COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA was very interesting. Once this learner reviewed the video she understood the law, but also understood the Lawyers fear as well. This case went from bad to worst in the worst way.
Lawyer and Lawyer
Lawyer and Lawyer, two brothers about 17 and age 23 were pulled over for a traffic stop in regards to speeding on the 26th of March, 1999, at about 2am. The officer approached the car and this is where the nightmare begins when the LEO by the name of John Clark asked then do they know how fast they were going, and asked what was the hurry since they were doing 85 in a 55 mile zone. The whole incident was videoed taped by Officer Clark so that there would be a record of the stop along with voice recording.
Clark shined a light into their car and thought he saw drug paraphernalia and asked to see what was in the bag which was refused by the Lawyers and put into their clove box and told the offer it was not drugs, but the offer kept saying it was, and “Timothy asked Clark what kind of drug paraphernalia he thought he had seen in the bag, but at that time, Clark specifically identified only an Altoids container” (“United States Court”, 2003, p. 2), but in the original report Clark said that he thought be saw what looked like a marijuana pipe. Then Clark demanded the bag and opened the door and took the bag by what this learner…

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