Voluntary Euthanasia Case Study

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In a recent case Terri Schiavo, a woman from Florida suffered from brain damage and had been in a coma since 1990, had her feeding tube removed. Doctors were given permission to do so from her husband. Her parents fought to have the doctors put it back, but they lost. Two weeks after tube was removed Terri Schiavo died in 2005. In the early 201th century, Euthanasia groups appeared for the first time in England and America. Nazis in Germany had their own euthanasia program during the World War II. People who were not worthy and health enough to survive, even children and older people, is who they let die.Many of the people who believed that people had the right to die emerged into the later part of the 20th century. In the Greek language the …show more content…
In other cases giving the patient antibiotics, chemotherapy, or morphine may lead to their death. Voluntary euthanasia, is when the patient wishes to die. Non- voluntary euthanasia, is when the is unconscious or unable to make a decision someone appropriate makes the decision based on the patients behalf. Involuntary euthanasia is when someone who chooses life is killed anyway. The main problem is who should decide if and when Euthanasia should be carried out. Sometimes the family of the patient makes the decision based on what they believe the person would want. In other scenarios, the patient may have written in their will that they want to the machines to be turned off if all hope is lost for them. Another problem is that today medicines became better. Doctors in some cases can keep the patient alive alive for a long time with the help of medicine. Euthanasia should be legalized because, everyone has the right to decide when their life should end, the pain is unbearable, and death is not negative. However, there are people out there who believe that Euthanasia should not be legalized, because they think that it is not always clear whether the patient really wants to …show more content…
Euthanasia is essential to relieve the pain of the patient who feels like life is not worth living if they have to go through life in excruciating pain for years with no end. When there is no cure the patients turns to euthanasia, they want to something to relieve the pain they are feeling. Painkiller are not doing the job , so death is the only option to relieve them of their misery. Everyone has the right to chooses whether they want to live or not. If the patient is not being pressured and fully understands their conditions there should be no reason why they are denied the right to euthanasia. To keep the patient alive with no hope, can be a burden to the family financially, because the cost to keep someone alive in that condition surpasses the families income. A doctor, even said that patients are given the opportunity to decide whether they live or die. Death should not viewed as always a negative outcome. People run away from death, but when it is the only option the patient in the situation dealing with unbearable pain. Being in that position with no form of cure brings about on physical and emotional pain. The patient begins to devalue their life because of the situation they are in. They begin to become depressed and stressed. Also, being denied death can cause the patient the person take matters into their own hands and take drastic measures to get what they want. Tony Nicklinson, was denied death and he starved

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