Essay about The Case Of The North American Based Airline

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Final Assignment:
Many aspects play in the growth of a corporation, some of which possess the power of ultimately closing up business for good. With the case of the North American based airline, formally known as U.S. Airways, unfortunate circumstances played a massive role in the company’s buyout in 2013 by rival American Airlines. Analyzing the failures and success of businesses allows for an unmatchable learning tool which benefits all who seek to follow suit in a similar field. Despite a long lifespan in a critical mode of domestic in addition to the global transportation, U.S. Airways made the list of Forbes worst companies.
The airline, formally known as U.S. Airways for obvious reasons operated domestic in an environment in the United States, hence the name U.S. Airways. U.S. Airways began operating as a simple company in 1939 out of Pittsburg servicing the Ohio River area (Aviation Explorer, n.d). Dating at the time of the early portion of World War II, the aviation industry experienced heavy technological development due to the advancements in military aircraft. The airline U.S. Airways expanded with a substantial footprint across America soil over its long life span, operating primarily out of Tempe, Arizona prior to its unfortunate closure in the year 2013 (Aviation Explorer, n.d).
The United States of America set the domestic environment for U.S. Airways during its nearly 80 year span of business. Government regulations within the United States affect the…

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