Essay on The Case Of The Nike Corporation

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Final Sports Exam:

Question 1:

I consider the Nike Corporation to be an amoral employer because of the financial incentives to make the cheapest product in a capitalistic business culture. In America, the issue of moral and immoral conduct in the business world is often sidelined in favor of an amoral position on the necessity of earning the greatest profits through the lowest costs cutting measures in terms of employment. The issue of Nike sweatshops as an immoral factor in the show industry is known by executive and managers, yet they also understand the necessity of profitability and low cost work to continually grow the company. In the case of Stephen Knight, (the owner of Nike), it is important to understand the temptation of the profit margins gained from low wage and unregulated labor in Indonesia, which reveals the obvious knowledge of these employment practices at the highest levels of corporate management: “I was given an ultimatum by my coach: Wear Nike, drop this issue, or resign” (Nike Sweatshops”, 2015, 3:10). This form of financial and institutional pressure is part of the narrator’s (Jim Keady) own pressures to wear a product that exploited third world workers, which inspired him to take a moral stance on the Nike product. However, most business executives simply view third world labor as a necessity to increase their own profits through an amoral position. Many of these business know the difference moral and immorality, which defines the amoral view of…

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