The Case Of The Ghost Writer Essay

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Topic: The Case of the Ghost Writer

1. I think the situation is an ethical dilemma because the leading candidate is the best candidate, but he is not a trustworthy person based on the writing service that he provides to other students. Offering term papers for students is not the right thing to do because the service is ruining the students’ creativity and the purpose of education. In addition, plagiarism is a serious issue in the education system, the sellers of the service should know better that they should not even think of starting their illegal service in the first place. I am sure that the leading candidate knows what he is doing is wrong. The fact that he is still doing and advertising it on social media shows that even though he knows that it is wrong, he still keeps doing it. Bringing someone like the leading candidate to a workplace is very dangerous for the company, employees and others. Imagine that he was hired. Imagine if someone came to him and asked him to sell the company and client information, he would probably do it because he is the person who knows it is wrong, but still doing it. If he was hired, he could cause tremendous harm to not only the company but the stakeholders as well. The company might fail if the competitors got its important information. The employees might lose their jobs if the company failed. In short, a good candidate does not have to be the best one, but has to be an ethical candidate. Company can train its employees to perform…

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