The Case Of The Employee Jeffrey Brian Ziegler Essay

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In the case of the employee Jeffrey Brian Ziegler the question remains to whether he should have had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the contents of his work computer? I think that as this case presents information which stated, “when the employee were hired, they were told that their computer use was subject to monitoring and that computers should not be used for personal business” this information should have been sufficient enough for Mr. Ziegler to only use his work computer for intended work purposes (Walsh, 2013, p. 619). He should have gained a great understanding for his workplace policy, while using the company’s computer to look up child pornography. The fact that he held a private office still did not make it acceptable for visiting websites that contain pornography. So Ziegler filed a motion to suppress evidence due to how the employer proceeded in gaining the information from his office. The motion to suppress got denied because the courts found evidence that pointed out that the defendant had been informed about the use of the company computer. Ziegler knew that he should be using his work computer to do his job and that he would be subject to being monitored. Yes, the Fourth Amendment safeguards both the workplace and the computer from warrantless searches by the Government, unless it gets valid consent from either parties of interest (Samson, n.d.). Ziegler personal opinion of privacy was not the reasonable. The important factor is that he was an…

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