The Case Of The Company Richard Reese Hall Essay

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After Effy McDougall died in 1906, her husband Malcolm lived for another 6 years. Annabella 's father had lived 93 years finally succumbing to old age in his Foley home with its beaver meadow nearby, showing
the McDougall genes for longevity.
Murdoch 's life was much calmer than his Watts namesake. He had two children by his first wife Isabella Liness, Flora in 1878 and Murdoch Wilder in 1885. He still could have his share of trouble however. As he had done 15 years previously Murdoch had to sue for what he believed to be money owed. In this case, the contractor Richard Reese Hall was tasked with laying down side walks on Jane and Gibson Streets in Parry Sound. Murdoch, along with others, had supplied 112 yards of gravel for the purpose.
The agreed to price was 030¢/yd. Mr. Hall was not paying Murdoch or anyone else. Eventually, in 1914, the court found for Murdoch and the complainants.
Sadly, Isabella died in 1917 and the McDougall 's homestead was sold the next year, 1918, to Frank Welsh for $1210. (It is still standing and in excellent repair on Hwy 518.) After selling the McDougall homestead, Murdoch moved into the old log cabin originally built by Murdoch Watts in 1880 on Lot 113B. In the early fall of 1919, Murdoch, now 57, married for the second time to Elizabeth Spanhouse a 53 year old lady from St. Catherines. She herself having been recently widowed. With the second marriage underway, Murdoch had settled into 'retirement '. Every time his turn came around, he…

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