The Case Of Taylor. Taylor Essay

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This essay will be focusing on the case study of Taylor. Taylor is 25 year old man who had a very bad motor vehicle accident and he sustained moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and incomplete c6 spinal cord injury (SCI).SCI affects the conduction of sensory and motor signals across the sites of lesions. It can be either complete or incomplete injuries. In complete injury outcome in total loss of movement and sensation below the point of damage and incomplete injury there will be still a few function below the level of injury is retrained. (McDonald & Sadowsky, 2002). In TBI is an insult of the brain, not of a degenerative or cognitional nature, but reason by exterior physical power that may create a changed state of consciousness, which result in an impairment of cognitive skill or physical performance. (Gao, Deng, Xu, Chen, & Combs, 2011). Taylor is suffering from many health problems related to his injuries, so because of these reasons rehabilitation is very important for Taylor to attend. Rehabilitation plays vital role in patient life to recover. In rehab the patient learn new techniques to care for the body differently. It also help to boost the confident and self esteem by providing resources to work independently related to the injury. In rehab you get all kind of help and support in one place including your family education and support. Proper rehabilitation starts the journey to an enhanced quality of life for every individual who has experienced this…

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