The Case Of Stewart V Gb Eye Ltd Essays

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Facebook in the Workplace

Take the case of Dixon v GB Eye Ltd; an employee was dismissed for posted a comment on Facebook about her coworkers in which she called them “the biggest bunch of wankers known to the human race! Full of gingers, fat wankers, sleazes, brown noses and cokeheads!”. This was considered to be a fair dismissal as her actions off and online represent herself as well as the company and the employees she was abusing.

The United Kingdom’s Employment Rights Act of 1996 states that employees of 2 or more years have a statutory right not to be unfairly dismissed. Employers must prove that they have a fair reason for dismissing their employees.

One case in which an employee was unfairly dismissed was in the case of Whitham v Club 24 Ltd t/a Ventura. This employee had merely stated “I think I work in a nursery and I do not mean working with plants”.

While there isn’t such thing as the Employment Rights Act in the United States, the National Labor Relations Board created the National Labor Relations Act, which allows them to regulate employee and company relationships.

Companies, as well as employees, like these have to take into account that once something is on the internet, especially once on Facebook, it is almost impossible to remove all traces of it. Friends of friends of coworkers are easily able to print or save a post or comment that will eventually come around to create damage never imagined by it’s creator.

Max Schrems vs. Facebook

A recent…

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